Black Friday

As Black Friday approaches you may be planning your shopping strategy and discussing with family members how you will save the most money this holiday season. It is always a good idea to have a clear strategy when planning a substantial financial strain on your budget. At National Affinity Services, we are advising our clients to consider planning and strategy when considering your Health Insurance needs and how you will purchase insurance. How will you respond to Health Care Reform?

Black Friday

It is a confusing time in Health Care. You may be asking yourself, what should I be doing? When should I take action? How will this affect me?  One thing that we are noticing in the insurance industry is that insurance plans for January 1 effective dates are more expensive than current plans. The Affordable Care Act requires all insurance plans to covers certain health care, i.e. mental health, maternity care, dental care for children and requires carries to insure everyone. With this in mind, insurance carriers will most likely see an increase in their costs which results in higher priced plans.

You may be asking what can I do, and what does this have to do with Black Friday? Plans with December 1 effective dates are still coming through with the 2013 pricing, meaning if you choose and purchase an insurance plan for a December 1 effective date you may be able to save yourself some money for the next 12 months (certain carriers may be excluded from this pricing model). This Black Friday, we are strongly encouraging you to consider your families health care needs and enroll in an insurance plan before 11/30 in order to receive 2013 pricing.

As the Affordable Care Act continues to evolve, continue to check our blog for our assistance in interpreting the act. What are your biggest questions surrounding Affordable Care? Leave your questions in the comments and we will respond in an upcoming blog post.