Long Term Care insurance is an often overlooked insurance that is becoming more and more vital for families to have.

Learn More 10 Facts to Know About Long Term Care

We offer long term care insurance products to help you protect the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate.

Consider protecting the assets you have built. Long term care insurance can help you do that by helping to pay for the care you need, instead of having to use your – or your families’ – savings.

Consumer – Product Overview Brochure – This three panel brochure provides an expanded view of LifeSecure’s LTC insurance product including standard plan features and optional benefit riders.
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Multi-life Employer Presentation – Highlights reasons why a large employer, small business owner or other multi-life group client should offer LifeSecure’s LTC insurance product to their employees/members. Contact your Multi-life Sales Specialist for assistance customizing this presentation.
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