What is behind the problems with Healthcare.gov?

You can hardly turn on the television, radio or browse a news network website without hearing something related to the problems surrounding healthcare.gov and for good reason. As a nation, we have been preparing and planning for the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period for quite some time; we expect the website to work. So, what is behind the issues we are experiencing?

Healthcare.gov Screen Shot

Based on testimonies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee from the main contractors  for the site we are led to believe there was not enough time for testing and last minute changes to the site. In fact, once the site was tested (piece by piece) issues were identified, but the testing period fell too close to the October 1 deadline. The result, a website that does not function properly, leaving individuals attempting to comply with the Affordable Care Act frustrated and confused.

Healthcare.gov Screen Shot

For a round-up of recent media coverage from major news sources outlining developments from Healthcare.gov and other Affordable Care related developments, take a look at the weekly Healthcare Bulletin from the National Association of Health Underwriters.

Have you gotten through the healthcare.gov site?