Our Vision

“We protect the financial assets of our clients.  We provide information to improve and maintain their health. We want our clients to enjoy their assets with a healthy life.”

National Affinity Services is an independent provider of custom solutions for insurance, risk, marketing, and programs that create revenue.

National Affinity Services was founded in 1995 consulting with employers and non-profits. We provide unique benefits to members and donors of professional societies, trade associations, and credit unions creating new revenue sources. Our experience focuses on insurance, discount programs, retirement and planned giving. NAS designs and markets unique offerings utilizing all marketing channels including direct mail and internet marketing. Our work in charitable giving “turbo charges” existing “Planned Giving” programs that dramatically increasing individual gifting using whole life insurance platforms as leverage.

Our independent status means that we provide the best solution for you, which is not influenced by a particular insurer or corporate affiliate. Our “best practices” approach accesses global insurance, risk, service, and marketing professional’s to exceed client expectations. As a boutique firm we enjoy the flexibility of maximizing coverage, reducing risk while providing revenue returns that exceed industry standards. NAS is licensed in all 50 states as a multi-line insurance brokerage firm, which allows nationwide one-stop shopping.

Recently we expanded our offerings to protect our client assets including Cyber Insurance and ID Theft Insurance. We have added a Wellness Plan to enhance our clients’ lives to ensure they may enjoy their hard earned assets.