We are constantly coming across tools to help you in you as you plan for your insurance needs, from Frequently Asked Questions to trusted websites, calculators and tools.  We’ve gathered a collection of these resources to help you.

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Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) and the Kai-Zen Strategy Explained

Grace Barnard simplifies Indexed Univeral Life Insurance and the Kai Zen Strategy. Life insurance products do not need to be complicated. This short clip puts it into context.


SelectHealth Members

Each year, insurance carriers are required to report proof of qualified health coverage for certain members to the IRS. To accomplish this, it is essential for us to have social security numbers (SSN) for each of these members. On an ongoing monthly basis, SelectHealth will send letters to members who do not have an SSN on file with us, requesting this information for future reporting purposes.  Members have the option to submit this information through our secure My Health portal, or to mail it to SelectHealth in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. Please see attached sample letter for more information.

SSN Solicitation Example Letter


Resource Directories for Regency Plan Users

Participating Providers Directory

Focal Point Providers Directory

Preferred Value Care Directory


Update for Chesapeake Plus Members 

For ease and convenience purposes, the Chesapeake Supplemental Insurance Claim Form Packet has been made editable to allow users to electronically complete the forms online and submit them electronically from the Chesapeake Member Portal www.chesapeakeplus.com.

CLICO Supplemental Claim Form Packet


State Business Regulations On Cyber Security Threats

What happens if you or your clients are breached? Here is a state by state listing of notification laws provided by the NCSL, the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Security Breach Notification Laws


Curious to how Obama Care will impact you?

Download our Obama Care checklist and see how you may be impacted.

obama care checklist copy



Do You Qualify for a Health Insurance Subsidy?

Before the October 1 start of open enrollment, the Kaiser Family Foundation created this Spanish-language video as part of its continuing efforts to increase the public’s understanding of upcoming changes under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Based on the previously released English-language video, “Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare” explains the basic changes in how Americans can obtain health coverage in 2014.

Some of our most trusted resources are provided courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation. “Since we began in 1991, our goal has been to build an institution that plays a special role as a trusted source of information in a health care world dominated by vested interests. That institution-building process continues today.” – Drew Altman, Ph.D. President and CEO

In preparation of the Affordable Care Act, we also rely heavily tools and resources provided courtesy of  Healthcare.gov.


Non-Profit Fund Raising/Royalties


Gene SNP DNA Analysis