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How does InfoArmor protect your identity?

  • Insured by AIG for 1,000,000
  • Calls are made on behalf of the members
  • Covers pre-existing conditions

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What is the solution? World class benefit features make all the difference:

CreditArmor provides continuous credit monitoring, monthly credit scores and unlimited access to an

online, and your credit report.

Identity Monitoring to monitor non-­-credit sources which also includes High Risk Transaction

alerts, including online account access, fund transfers and password resets and email address and

password monitoring.

WalletArmor for wallet protection to quickly replace contents of a lost wallet to mitigate damages plus

real-­-time monitoring. Password & ID security in single source.

Internet Surveillance with Digital Identity Report to scan the Underground Internet for suspicious

activity and show a digital snapshot of what the world can learn about “You”.

Social Media Reputation Monitoring to help manage and monitor your social profiles on an ongoing

basis to ensure a good reputation not only online but offline. Our monitoring is great for parents to monitor their children’s social exposure.

IdentityMD to provide tips, tools, and resources to prevent identity theft and restore an identity

$25,000 identity theft insurance policy to protect against out-­-of-­-pocket expenses associated with

identity theft including lost wages, legal fees and postage.

Reduction in unwanted solicitations such as telephone solicitations, preapproved credit card offers and

junk mail to limit exposure of personal information.

Full-­-Service identity restoration by Privacy Advocates that complete identity theft case resolution from start to finish.

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