High Net  Worth Charitable Giving

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“Living Legacy Giving Plan” that provides a tiered level of participation and donor recognition. The Living Legacy Plan provides your organization an immediate and specific platform to offer donors options for levels of participation and recognition that significantly impact plan giving. The plan provides budgeting and predictability as the Foundation owns the insurance policies, both the face amount & cash values. Members and friends of your organization have four different plans to choose from that leverage life insurance to give significant gifts.

We work with your organization to create Living Legacy Giving Program. We work with you to establish a four-tier offer using whole life insurance usually in amounts of $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, and a million or more. The strategy is typically tied to a new planned giving campaign offer. High net worth donors may purchase policies of $5,000,000. up to $100,000,000. The availability of premium financing for these individuals can eliminate out of pocket costs and diversion of working capital making their timing for giving immediate.

Members will be serviced with national support with over 15 years experience in Planned Living Legacy Giving.

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